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Customer Focus

Customer service is the cornerstone of BCI’s success and one of its most distinguishing characteristics. Client service goes well beyond the initial plan setup and enrollment, as BCI serves as an extension of your in-house benefits team. The professionals at BCI are always available to boil down the regulatory and administrative jargon into more manageable terms, answer any questions that may arise and help to administer your plan.

Personal care is given to each and every client. Unlike mega agencies where turnover is commonplace, BCI is privately-held, ensuring its clients continuity of service and quality that does not change with personnel. You can be assured the professionals handling your case know who you are and your case history. There are no long explanations needed, or bringing someone new up to speed each time you have a question or an issue.

BCI’s customer service commitment and relationship building has earned the firm long-standing client associations. Many of our clients have been with BCI since the very beginning, and have grown with us through the years.